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Abroad thanks to callback roaming charges save s mobile calls from abroad an expensive pleasure be, as mobile operators like horrendous roaming charges demand from their customers. Roaming charges arise when it is booked as users in a foreign cellular network and then on the phone, SMS writes or uses the Internet. The high roaming costs are not only every customer a thorn in the side, also in the European Parliament, this issue has been discussed already. In 2007, the Parliament has introduced legislation on the subject of roaming, these were updated in 2009. The adopted regulation on roaming will expire in June 2012. Currently one but still benefiting from reducing the roaming tariffs in force since June 1, 2011. A call placed from other European countries costs gross just 35 cents per minute. For incoming calls, the user pays gross still 11 cents per minute. But these price reductions are valid and thus obsolete for European countries only when it leaves the EU. In addition, the costs are for data roaming is still immensely high. If one takes his Smartphone during the holidays, you should watch so even more, just as many Smartphones automatically keep in touch with the Internet. To protect the consumer, the operator must comply with (gross) a cap of 50 euro per month, after achieving this, the Internet connection is automatically disconnected. However, users should always take precautions. So, you can disable for example the Internet contact of the phone for the duration of the stay of abroad, thus being in this regard on the safe side. To the regulations concerning the roaming you can see on the website of the European consumer centre. But what if the fees applicable in the EU are still too high or travelling to non-European foreign countries? Then you can make the use of the callback service. What is callback and how does it work? The callback service is a call-back service where a service provider acts as an intermediary. Callback service a To be able to use that provider, you must register a callback provider. Such a registration is usually free of charge, some providers, you get given a starting balance. You should store the phone number of you would later lead his calls in his account. Because through stored phone numbers, it is possible to identify customers as such to the provider. Then you can call it off. Order to save roaming charges, you must call from a local mobile phone or from a landline. To call on the callback service, you should select only the so-called Callbacknummer of his party. The connection is interrupted automatically and you get a callback of system. Then you need to enter only the telephone number of the person you would like calls with the and already connects the service provider. When you call of the Callbacknummer, you must always make sure that it transmits his phone number. Only then, the system of the provider to detect the call. The costs incurred during a telephone conversation, composed of the respective rates of the associated countries. The billing is done through the callback customer account. The callback service offers several advantages: a it is possible roamingfrei world’s cheap to call. This can be interesting for tourists as well as for business travellers. It is also possible to keep the costs in mind thanks to the customer accounts. With this service, it is therefore the case of roaming easy”to escape.