Industrial Flooring

This all without exception screeds have reasonable price, are durable, reliable and durable. Increased durability and is characterized, they can last for many years. This coating has attractive appearance, and often it serves as a design premise – now Industrial Flooring in Moscow can be supplied in various colors, and on its surface can moisture, extreme temperatures or shock, for example. In accordance with these properties and the selected one or another kind of self-leveling floor for certain types of premises. Thus, the floors, in comprising epoxy resins, are the best option for medical facilities, schools and preschools, as well as food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries – they performance fully meet the requirements in such cases.

The major advantage of this coverage is the fact that it has a high resistance to nothing can harm him. In addition, epoxy self-leveling floors are resistant to the constant moisture. Because of this they are ideal in high humidity, as well as where the regular Wet cleaning is carried out. It should be noted that this cover is absolutely safe when dry – it does not emit any harmful or dangerous substances, and therefore can be applied even in those areas where children are present. have relatively little flexibility and, therefore, such loads (including vibration and constant) may lead to coverage that simply crack. That's why lay them in such areas can not.