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Remember that your article should not be open advertising, the biggest – is hidden advertising. Or, for example, one possible option: I sell e-course on how vkratchayshie deadlines, organize their business on the Internet to create and sell e-books. To promote your product, I wrote an article entitled "Electronic books as a means of enrichment," in which there is no word about my electronic course, but in which I described all benefits received by the author of e-books. In fact, this article is an open advertisement, but not my e-course and e-books as such. That is, I do not advertise himself selling goods, and a product that can be obtained with the help of my goods. Advertising insert in the same ad unit at the end.

In the ad unit, specify the product name, your motto or slogan, your name, address, e-mail address of your site. Article title should attract attention. No matter where you put your article, it will be located on the page are not one but at least 5-6 articles, or rather not the articles themselves, and their names and brief descriptions. That is to user from all submitted chose your article, take the choice of the title very seriously. Before you publish your article, decide on what search terms you want to find it users. Pick keywords that are on medium and low-frequency queries.

Example: u word book, ask for hundreds of thousands of users – this high-demand. u Word e-books, request Tens of thousands of users – it's mid-request. u Word creation of electronic books, requested hundreds of times – this low-frequency queries. For every 100 words of text articles, there must be 3.4 keywords. 2-3 key words in bold and paste them into links to your site, preferably on separate pages. On the next day or two (after you thought that your article is ready for 100%), once again, carefully read it, and You'll be surprised to find how much should alter and refine. Before you publish an article, for example in the free article directories: a) check your spelling; b) give read your article to your friends, relatives, listen to their opinion. ps Your article should have not only a set of keywords and a set of links to your site, but also useful information (advice, instructions, suggestions) which is able to solve the problems of certain groups people.

Overcoming In Life. 7 Steps To Improving A Monotonous Life

One of the biggest obstacles to success in life is human apathy. It is an attitude toward life that is very common, unfortunately also often found in young people. Basically it is a lack of motivation that allows our spirit to manifest. We just expect more for tomorrow than live in today. Life becomes a monotonous sequence of events gray with a tinge sudden color here and there – if we're lucky. This mental state is a product of extreme passivity towards life. It is sometimes caused by despair, but most often is the result of mis-education. It's a typical mindset of a person who lives according to demands of others to him or her.

The motto is: "Tell me what I should do and when to do it, I will follow the instructions, you pay me and they will be happy. What's wrong with that? Lot. This kind of attitude will never succeed. Just search please and meet other requirements. And will lead to the development of personnel needed to achieve a full life.

If you are tired of living a mediocre life, take a step today and begin to develop. Let your creativity draw out through a process of independent education. Follow these seven steps and then bring a kaleidoscope of colors to your life: 1 .- Unearth those dreams. Every great achievement began with a dream and at this time there's one in your heart. 2 .- Discover your unique talents and abilities. Probably be found in the activities you choose in their free time. Close friends can also help you identify your strengths. 3 .- Find out how you can develop your talents and skills further. Do not worry if it seems a daunting task, just take a step. Get started today! 4 .- Be willing to work hard. Success does not fall from the sky. Every change you want to do in life is an effort. Take the determination to be diligent. Think you'll love to learn something about the area you are most passionate about. 5 .- Find at least one good mentor. It may be in the form of a book, a course or a personal mentor. The Internet is an excellent source today. 6 .- Set goals for medium and long term I want to achieve. A goal is a dream with a deadline. Write them down! 7 .- Move closer to their Creator. That is what kept her eyes on the goal posts in faith when things get hairy.

Warren Buffett

Reported through couriers, errands or telegraphy, as it does today through email, Internet or over an intranet. It went through various production technologies starting with the manual-, steam, electricity, combustion internal, until the arrival of electronics and microchips. The business of Stora has been changing (has passed by the mining of copper, forestry, steel casting, hydraulic energy, and today, the paper, pulp and chemical industry). How is that a company will last many years it possible? Long-lived businesses tend to be financially conservative, so they not risk too much in good times, and this allows you to take advantage of opportunities when the situation falters, and competitors are not able to do so (as recommended by the investments, Warren Buffett guru). Adapt to the changes, as I have pointed out, and are sensitive to the news, so they react in a timely manner and learn enough to continue developing current business, or change it if necessary; for thus not only are tolerant of new ideas, but also stimulate them, they incite the collaboration of its employees in the creation of the company, so that they feel part of society much more intensely. The continuous learning that occurs in this type of companies, beyond the hollow words is also remarkable.

Every year, the Shell company, with more than 175 years of history, devotes more than 2,000 dollars per employee for training, being the biggest part of its collaborative nature, i.e. heterogeneous employees, with different groups are formed posts, training and even different cultures, so you learn even more than this exchange between people of the course itself. Finally, I would highlight in particular interest in people, by the human community forming the company. If the benefits generated by the same revert on a few privileged, and there is a great imbalance in this regard, it is not likely that base workers are feel involved in the company. If the way of approaching the issue from the company is that you exchanged your money by the time/work/knowledge workers, and nothing more, it is logical that they see it the same way, as a commercial relationship (I work for money), and not as a joint project in which the company and the worker are developedthey learn and increase their capabilities jointly.