Make TheTime

How many times we complain or we justify saying that we have no time to do something that we must (or want to) do? Reality, however much that cost us to accept it, is that we have the time to do whatever we want. Not all things, but yes those that we are truly important. It is just a matter of priorities. Therefore, when we say that we have no time for anything, actually we are saying that this is not important enough to occupy a place on our daily agenda. The problem is that many times those things for which we have no time, have to do directly with themes such as our health (e.g.: go to the doctor, exercise, lunch, etc.), our family (being with the children, talk with our partner, etc.), or even with our business or work (such as delaying a call to a potential client or delaying resolution of a conflict within the work team). As we naturally tend to seek pleasure and avoid pain, we are unconsciously looking for excuses (such as lack of time) not to do what, deep down, we know that we must do if we want to achieve our goals. For this reason, both in our personal and professional life, there are a number of steps we can take to avoid the temptation of resorting to this false excuse: 1.

be aware of the problem is what we talked about so far: knowing that time is the same for everyone and that we have the freedom to use it as we want. All action or inaction has consequences, and is in us decide what we want to address and which are not. 2 Set prioridadaes all boils down to what to do first and what to do next. If we have time to do 10 things at day, we will only have to determine what will be those things, and discard the rest.