Central Bohemia Region

This is primarily Brno, Ostrava and Hradec Kralove, some experts are added to Liberec Pardubice, Plzen and Zlin. Increase in price can and apartments in smaller towns, in particular, the experts mentioned such settlements in the Central Bohemia Region, such as, Kladno and Mlada Boleslav. Of course, the apartment should be in a good neighborhood with decent transport accessibility. Such objects may become more expensive during the year more than 20 percent. The opposite situation, according to experts, is in the cities of usti region and the Highlands Region. Here housing prices is expected to stagnate. Apartments in Prague is no longer yield a profit to investors, as before. They will be more expensive, but less intense than, say, last year.

The average increase in prices for Prague property can be from 4 to 10 percent. As suggested by ceo Peter aaabyty.cz , increase in price can be apartments of up to 50 m2 of old buildings in areas such as Nusle, Vrshovitse, Smichov and Holesovice. Rise apartments and an area of 100 m2 in new homes, located in the so-called "broad center" of Prague. Choose carefully when buying a property as an investment should have an idea of how the develop in the near future, the area in which it is located. New metro station nearby or, for example, opening a new production, indicating that jobs and social and cultural – are factors have a positive value for the growth of the price. In contrast, high-speed motorway or a bar located directly under her windows, will play a negative role.