Rectangular Piece

However, we must banish from our minds and conspiracy Spanish-envious-that winning an election, not equal astonishment, nor succeed in combat, be it one that is: here, usually, although there are rules of the game they are taken out of context when it suits the combatants. In a democracy if there are rules, of the democratic game, you have to respect and enforce. Not met the rules of the game that democracy requires us, when the PP-its members-is a mistake and lied in the last term in the case of the tanker. It began its collapse on 13 November 2002 – and, soon, echoed the statements of Mr.

Rajoy (21/11/2002): “(…) not going to pour a liter more just. ” “It is in no way an oil slick, it is only localized spots”, made on 23 November 2003. Continue making mistakes and lying during the serious events-attacks-Atocha Station in Madrid (March 11) when the former president, Mr Aznar, with the political arrogance that distinguished him, “he hastens to say that” the authorship of previous events corresponded to the Basque terrorist group. ” (As to 11-M, we all know that police investigations to clarify the tragic and terrible events “occurred, were not entirely orthodox quite precisely: There is much to talk about the cod!) So many mistakes suggests who allegedly lied on any of them, and we all know that the lies make “toccata and fugue of death” for political parties who employ them).